Biography : Founder of Twelve Jewels Productions & hailed as one of the Uks most notableemcee's & producers, In the studio or on stage Aslan always brings a high potency clearly motivated by his love of the music, which in turn makes him shine out against other artists.


He has collaborated and/or performed with many of his influences including Killah Priest (Sunz of Man), AG (DITC), Lin Que aka ISIS(X-Clan), members of  Non Phixion and the Wu-Tang Clan, futher enhancing his status as an established figure in the global underground hiphop scene.

Working on a wide range of projects and styles from grimey street themes to revolutionary and metaphysical concepts, when listening expect lyrics full of deep metaphorical connotation's and wordplay of the highest level, combined with thought provoking psyco-spiritual consciousness and social-political awareness.

Many of his productions are composed withlive instruments, but he is also an avid crate digger with a zeal for the art of sampling.


Since his debut on vinyl in 2004 as part of the Concentration Camp collective Aslan has featured on many projects some of the most momentous being Shabazz The Disciple's "The Sun Of Man Must Suffa" ft Hell Razah & Aslanfrom the "Hood Scriptures" lp, AG's "Worldwide" ft Aslan produced by Aslan for the Ibmcs "worldwide"project, Beretta 9's "Real Spit" ft Islord & Aslan from the "Great Conjunction" album which featured Aslan's production alongside 4th Disciple and more, Co-defendants "Killa Season" remix ft Cappadonna, Aslan & Delta also produced by Aslan, aswel as many more features with legendary artists such as Killasha, Main Flow (Mood) and most recently Mir the Bloody’s "River of Flames" ft Shabazz The Disciple, Aslan, Goretex of Non Phixion and Lone Ninja.


As for his ownmusic the last couple of years has seen the release of 7inch snigle "Rebel Scriptz" and the recent "Paradox" 12inch , a flurry of videos, many digital singles and the 1st installments from his worldwide collection of compilations "The French Legion" & "The Latin Quarterz" featuring many artists from around the globe including Columbian giants La Etnnia, Spains Ziontifik and Beroots Bangers, France's Swift Guad and Wira Zakariens to name a few.


The next installments are coming soon with 12Jewelz Germany ft Abtraakt and others, also 12JewelzAustralia featuring Brad Strut, Kings Konecktd and more. Later in 2015 expect to see a new video from Aslan & Killah Priest in the build up to the "Keys Of Solomon" ep and another from Aslan & Beretta 9 from the Transatlantic project which includes collaborations with US artists such as Timbo King, Mood, Orko Elohiem, & many more.After that Aslan says we can expect the release of the long awaited solo "BLACK MAGICIAN" LP